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Characterisation and assessment of surfaces and coatings

在线研讨会 2022年5月11日


Surfaces are critical to the performance of engineering components. Surfaces often experience the most challenging operational environment and are often coated to protect against degradation, 腐蚀, 穿, abrasion and to augment the behaviour of the substrate material. In addition to protection, coatings are also applied to engineering components provide functional attributes such as anti-icing, 石油排斥性, low coefficient of friction, infra-red reflection and enhanced transparency.

The evaluation of surfaces will be discussed in this talk with a view to highlighting the range of different techniques that can be used to characterise performance of coatings against relevant standards or benchmarks, provide guidance in the selection of different coatings and surface treatments and, 最终, enable the assessment of fitness-for-purpose of the coated or treated component for the target application.


艾伦·泰勒博士 - Technology Fellow - Functional Coatings and Resins


Technology Fellow - Functional Coatings and Resins

After being awarded his PhD in Physics at Warwick University, Alan continued his in research in sol-gel technology during his post-doctoral post in the Chemistry Department at Brunel University before joining bat365App手机版下载 in 1995. Alan’s work at bat365App手机版下载 has been to provide help and assistance to industrial members wishing to exploit the commercial and technical potential of nanotechnology. As well as providing the technical lead for much of bat365App手机版下载’s nanotechnology work ( he sits on the NTI/1  BSI committee for nanotechnology), Alan has been active in many other areas of bat365App手机版下载. He was Suite Manager for the PACE suite in the Core Research Programme for 6 years, has been on the Staff Consultative Committee for 12 years occupying the Chair and Vice-Chair positions  a combined total of seven times. Alan is currently a Trustee for the bat365App手机版下载 Pension Scheme and is named inventor on 5 patent families for new materials, he also acts as an internal reviewer for bat365App手机版下载 collaborative projects. He has written over 50 articles and papers and is regularly invited to present bat365App手机版下载’s sol-gel work.  His current research interests include self-cleaning coatings, anti-microbial coatings, 腐蚀 resistant coatings and novel insulating materials.

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